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hello, I'm jane

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I'm a designer and printmaker of small leather goods and lifestyle products. Growing up in London, surrounded by historical architecture and beautiful parks. As a child, visiting the famous flower market on Columbia road every Sunday with all that hustle and bustle of city life- All lends itself to my designs. Simple, urban prints which celebrate colour too!  I loves misplaced print, not so much repeat pattern as it has the ‘manufactured’ look.


" I have a great interest in history, especially the Victorian era. My romance with the past is partly to do with how well crafted things were made and not just well made, but aesthetically beautiful and built to last. My house is full of old things. It excites me to know they started life a long time a go, belonging to someone else and stretching across generations.....I am inspired by the craftsmanship of yesteryear."


JDB isn't a big fan of throwaway fashion, or mass-production.  Everything is designed with that in mind. You can see by the quality of materials used and the finish that these products are meant to stand the test of time and grow old gracefully.


All collections are designed, printed and made in Kent, England.