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Frenchie Basket Bag- Seconds


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  • Image of Frenchie Basket Bag- Seconds
  • Image of Frenchie Basket Bag- Seconds


Product 1. The top edge of the basket on one side is misshapen. See first image and second for details.

Product 2. The straps on one side are fitted closer together.

Product 3. Inconsistencies with the straps. One strap may be noticibly thicker than the other. Or straps may have some slight marks, or rough edges.

All the straps and baskets are secure, despite the inconsistencies and are handmade by artisans in Morocco.

The Frenchie market bag does exactly what it is called. Go to the market and fill your bag with goods. The shape is perfect to carry bunches of flowers and long baguettes. Do as the French do! The bag is a really practical size for taking everything you need to the beach. Or to pack a picnic and carry a blanket. The leather straps are strong enough to take some weights and long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder.

Dimensions: 50cm X 35cm X 14cm

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